Brown Snake Skin Cazal 951

We at the Vintage Frames Company believe that there is always room for change. Funny since we are in the Vintage Eyewear industry. However when we see something that we know we can improve on, we do not hesitate. From this philosophy have come many extravagant pieces such as the 25000$ Diamond Goliath, the 10000$ Diamond Cazal 616 among others. Today we are proud to present a piece that we've had in the works for quite some time, and we feel it is time to release these to the world. Ladies and Gents, we introduce to you the Snake Skin Cazal 951, a game changer. We've experimented with the 951 before and always have had great results, so when our fearless leader DR. SHAPIRO decided to go in this direction we were all very impressed. The Snake Skin Cazal 951 is a piece that the true frame afficionado needs to have. Its a custom piece and an improvement on an already iconic frame. We are very happy with the way these turned out and look forward to seeing the world wear them.