Mac Miller X Cazal 616 X Vintage Frames

Not much can be said about Mac that hasn't already, the dudes been tearing' it up and makin' waves in his own unique way. He's doing his thing the way he likes and making music the way he likes. I once saw an interview where he says he's just trying to get whats in his mind out to the people to enjoy, and if they don't like it then fuck em. His music is fresh, unlike anything we've heard in the rap game before, and everybody wants a piece. He has just finished a mix tape with Pharrell called Pink Slime and from what I've heard so far the shit sounds fire. Here he is just being Mac chillin' kickin' it in a short bus the dye tee and a ralph lauren bucket hat. Whats got me most interested however are those dope Cazal 616s he's got on, so fuckin' sweet my man.

Stay up, one love
Joe Cuervo