Recently a photo shoot was conducted unlike any other, and I say this because I've never seen a girl with a more incredible mix of sexy and sweet. She is fierce as fucc, yet the softness in her eyes keep me coming back for more. I can't get over just how radiant Grace Mahary is. Obviously we gotta give credit where credit is due and I gotta say that Max Abadian really captured the essence of her beauty. These Photographs are incredible with Grace alone, but when she puts on Cazals and Versaces from Vintage Frames, it just elevates the whole thing to a new level. I'm completely in awe of just how gorgeous Grace looks in these pictures, completely and utterly captivated by the stares and poses.

Of course there are a few photos to show you what I mean but if you want the full experience go to AVAH TAYLOR and you can see whats got me so enamoured. Grace is you read this and enjoy sushi, hit me up I'd be glad to show you a few spots. ;)

One love,

Joe Cuervo