Elton John's Sunglasses collection

Sir Elton John is a man who needs no introduction, he is an artist of legendary proportions. His legacy is one filled with trials, and bright spots, ups and downs that everybody goes thru only magnified by his legendary status. After decades of entertaining, he is still one of the most relevant and popular icons in history. Comparable to names like Frank Sinatra and Paul McCartney, but with a flair that belongs solely to him. Throughout the years he has tried out many different styles, most notably throughout the 70's when his personal style exceeded the imagination of the square population of America.
Throughout his career Sir Elton has amassed an exceedingly impressive collection of frames. Some are 60 years old today, and all are extremely memorable. Elton John's personal style is one that cannot be matched, he has experimented with many different types of looks, some well received and some well… less. One thing that has always remained true however, is the magnitude of his frames collection. The frames range anywhere from classic looks to outrageous ones as seen below. Everything aside it is an understatement to say that Elton John has a rare collection. The amount of 1-1 custom frames that he owns exceeds most peoples whole collection. Sir Elton John is a master of the Vintage Frame game and for that we own him our fondest regards.