TB1 X DAVID A "GET LOUD" featuring 'My Fat Guy Problems'

Now, we in Montreal know how to have a good time.  We were raised with a drinks our hand and music in our souls, growing up in these streets have made us the crazy, cultured, talented dreamers that we are.  Everybody from this city has a dream to do something big, so it is no surprise when one of our best takes that dream and molds it into reality.  TB1 along with producer David A have made a big splash in Canadian music as of late and they are showing no signs of slowing down.  Their mixes of dance anthems have got people all over the country "Partying in the air".  With clever lyrics and perfectly placed drops, TB1 and David A are capturing the minds and hearts of musical fanatics everywhere.  Their latest track entitled "GET LOUD" is a perfect follow-up to hugely successful hits like "14Me14U" and "Showertime".  This is a brand new song released only days ago and already people have caught the fever.  The video for "GET LOUD" is as unique as they come, it is creative and distinct and is sure to make a huge impact.

With crazy talent and the revered Montreal determination the sky is the limit for this duo.  Keep on doing your thing homies.  Hard work pays off.