Harry Caray x Will Ferrell Ultra Goliath


Harry Caray is one of the dudes who is iconic in the history of Ultra Goliaths. Its hard not to be when you are born in 1914. You know this dude was on Ultra before anyone. He was also one of the most famous baseball telecasters in the history of the sport, working for the Cardinals, White Sox and Cubs. He made his most famous appearance in what was called the the 7th inning stretch where one afternoon, Caray was singing to himself when radio producer/broadcaster Jay Scott decided to open the booth mics without letting Caray know that he was doing this.

Even more interesting were the people who mimicked him. It started with baseball players and even went as far as Will Ferrell on SNL. The skit is kind of incoherent to the mans career but captured his style in the funniest fucking way possible. Enjoy