Free #2chainz

Normally this would be a sick 2 Chainz post about the DOPE ass chains we did with him. Today, unfortunately it isn't that. My homie 2 Chainz was just arrested going through the airport with what appeared to the ignorant police as brass knuckles. In reality they were 4 finger rings from our homie Matt at Dope! As i am flying to Miami tomorrow i have just removed my DOPE 4-finger rings from my bag, as this type of shit always happens. As a curator of vintage chains and jewelry this type of shit happens all the time! It never fails to have the TSA look through my bags as soon as they see the product. They tell me it's because of safety, i know it's because they want to browse. Real talk, fuck these dudes! This is what y'all are paying tax money for,  bunch of slobs pretending they got shit to do! FREE 2 CHAINZ!