Vintage Frames Company: Stay true to you

Vintage Frames Company: Stay true to you


I’ve traveled quite a bit in my time on this earth, and one thing that has rung true no matter where I have visited is to be you.  If you stay true to that simple single guideline then you should have no worries in life.  Who really gives a fuck what other people think about you.  If you stay true to who you are then they cant touch you.

I took a little trip to South Carolina this weekend rockin’ none other than the Snow White Goliaths with rose-colored lenses (obviously).  When I got off the plane my buddy who I was visiting told me everybody would chirp me.  I honestly couldn’t have cared less what people thought so I carried on with my ways.  By the end of the weekend everybody was down for my style.  Even the dudes who I thought would give me the most shit ended up diggin’ my dopeness, and the girls, well they already knew.

Just goes to show that if you brush off the haters and understand that you cant make everybody like you, you will be much happier.  At the end of the day people will respect you more for being yourself than if you try to be the guy they want you to be.

One Love, respect.

Joe Cuervo

The Vintage Frames Company

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