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From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: Wardrobe Staples

What is a staple? Many people would comment that my "staples" are a blue Yankees fitted, v-nek t-shirt, and a Mont Blanc Pen. Other people would have similar items geared towards their general daily wear. Coming from the background and upbringing of a sneaker collector i grew up with many people who chose a "white on white" Air Force one as their "staple". Personally, i can't say i even have one pair in my largely vast collection. Pushing forward about 15 years, my business and focus has changed to eyewear. It was with a cultural pioneer this week that said discussion arose… Is there a "white on white" Air Force 1 of the Vintage Eyewear industry. Is there a frame that really depicts the industry as a whole? If we were to have to put one vintage frames silhouette into a book to represent our culture, what would it be? I am very interested in hearing your responses! Send us an email at VINTAGEFRAMES@ME.COM and let us know what you think!

Hold It The Fuck Down, 
Dr. Shapiro
The Vintage Frames Company


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