From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: Support Your Community

A teacher once told my parents that my life was going to go two ways. Either i was going to become a unstoppable force in society, or i was going to be the next uni-bomber. I think everyone was really hoping i leaned towards the first. Even in school, the ability to make a sense of community amongst my peers was rather evident. Maybe because i was an only child, or maybe it was a talent. I once heard Nirvana talk about never forgetting where they were from and supporting the community that supported them. It was from that day forth that i was fuelled with a similar mentality. There were many people in the past that opposed our movement, but there those who supported it. I don't want to boost any egos but there were some older people in this community that took me under there wings and help guide me down the right path to obtain today's current position. Community and a sense of community support are very important. From your city to your practice. From large venue events, to small artists trying to breakthrough it is all relevant. Without support from inner circles and communities many things in life wouldn't be possible. One should always remember where they came from as it is equally as important as where they are trying to go.
Hold It The Fuck Down,
Dr. Shapiro
The Vintage Frames Company