From The Desk Of Dr Shapiro: The Grapevine Project

What's really good people! I want to apologize for the lack of writing in this section over the past month. The Vintage Frames Company and I have been super busy preparing our new special release for Spring and Summer 2012. Besides for the overly insane projects with Amber Rose and Ben Baller, we will be dropping a community frame and project called " The Grapevine". Our intention is simple. We will be releasing a frame with bold universal appeal and 10 lucky followers will be chosen at random to wear the frame and document a week in their lives while wearing it. This is a way for us to showcase our community from all walks of life and bring the Vintage Frames supporters together. A photo essay will be done by each of the people showcasing their lifestyle in the frame. Not only are we a fashion company, we are a lifestyle movement and it's time we all got to know each other. More information will follow this week as we reveal "The Grapevine" community project!

Hold it the fuck down,
Dr. Shapiro