Vintage Champion Player PokerSpecs

See all, reveal nothing.  Any poker player knows this to be as true as the earth is round.  When in the heat of a tournament or simply the excitement of a cash game these Vintage Poker Specs find themselves very useful.  With the perfect amount of eye protection you’ll never reveal your strategy.  Hidden behind a shatter resistant polycarbonate lens you can plot your upcoming move or the next 5.  Your opponents will drip sweat in nervousness as you push all in without a single hesitation.  Real poker champions never reveal emotion and keeps everything to themself, there is no better way to do that than behind Vintage Frame Poker Specs.  Play the game mysteriously and aggressively amassing all the stacks you can while striking fear into your adversaries.

This sleek and unique Vintage Frame lets everybody at the table know that you mean business and do not fuck around.  While everyone sitting around you will be worrying about what you’re going to do next you will be sitting comfortably with the contoured soft rubber nose piece resting gently between your eyes.  Style, comfort and strategy are the main ingredients in this Vintage Frame piece.  In order to be a dominant player, you need a dominant frame and these Vintage Frame Poker Specs send a clear message.

Available at The Vintage Frames Company on special orders.