2 Chainz Rocking Vintage Frames Company Custom Emmanuelle Khanh GP1000 Iced Edition‏

Let's talk about these Vintage Emmanuelle Khanh Gp1000 Sunglasses with 18kt white gold and micro paved diamonds. These Vintage Frames Company custom edition sunglasses are by far my favourite ones we have ever made. Secretly, the Ek GP1000 Sunglasses are my favourite pair of Sunglasses to ever exist! From all my hunts, they have been by far one of the hardest pair of frames to find! The shape fits everyone, both men and women, and just about every face type. I have denied access to these frames to many people over the years. Some may say i'm and EK snob, but hey, FUCK THEM! 2 Chainz was for sure worthy of these frames so we let them out of our hands! I am still loosing sleep over this, such is the life of a Vintage Sunglasses addict! lol