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Industry Moguls Ben Baller And Q World Star Rocking Cazal Sunglasses

Industry moguls, not leaders, moguls Ben Baller of IFANDCO and Q of WorldStar Hip Hop had this pic surface of the two of them at the Lakers game in Vintage Cazal Sunglasses. Q of World Star is an all-star client of ours and a beast of a collector. We try to keep Q in only the illest shit around. Ben Baller, who usually refuses to wear Vintage Frames, not just mine, any in general was rocking a pair of Cazal 902 Sunglasses. Next time i see Ben, which will be next week i am going to bust his balls about him wearing a pair of Cazals. On a side note, the first time Ben and I met was at a campaign for our homie Steve Aoki in LA. Ben literally sold me a pair of Cazals he had from time, on the spot, in his car. Keep an eye out for these two dudes, their empires are rising daily!


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