Amber Rose Rocking Vintage Paloma Picasso 3716 Sunglasses From The Vintage Frames Company

Amber Rose is no stranger to The Vintage Frames Company. Amber is a good friend of Corey Shapiro, the owner of Vintage Frames Company. On Amber's last trip to Montreal she once again re-uped her growing Vintage Sunglasses collection. Amber Rose has one of the top Vintage Eyewear collections out of any female celebrities in the world! As of the past couple of years, Vintage Frames Company has been putting lots of effort into curating her one of the most unique and complete vintage sunglasses collections around. Above, Amber Rose is rocking a very rare pair of Vintage Paloma Picasso 3716 Sunglasses from The Vintage Frames Company. The Vintage Paloma Picasso 3716 Sunglasses come in three distinct and different colours. If you can see closely, this particular model has gold accents with piot green lenses. To purchase most of Amber Rose's Vintage Sunglasses collection head on over to The Vintage Frames Shop!