From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: Vintage Techniques VS. Modern Techniques

We all obviously understand that The Vintage Frames Company sells high end designer vintage eyewear. You may also understand that i am not a huge fan of new eyewear due to quality of production, and the fact that for the most part designs are copies of old eyewear designs.   When it comes to technological advances in eyewear techniques, i may have a different opinion. Everyday at The Vintage Frames Company i am thankful for our precision lenses cutting machine. It allows us to fit lenses to all the frames we have! It is a technique and machine that has been made to make peoples lives easier and more efficient so we have welcomed it into our lab. When it comes to lenses being died, we have a very different philosophy. Other companies buy pre-died lenses, or have automated machines to allow a more efficient dying procedure. We at The Vintage Frames Company do the opposite. On our staff, we have an colour engineer who hand dies the lenses in a vintage machine. It allows the finesse of the past to show through in all our work. It is for that reason that our lenses can be died exactly to spec. This is just one of the many aspects that separates The Vintage Frames Company from anyone else trying to sell vintage eyewear. We respect the art of the past and have learned the trade as if we were there!

Hold it the fuck down, 
Dr. Shapiro
The Vintage Frames Company