Collector's Spotlight: E‏

Collecting is an interesting activity. An art of sorts. Beyond the fascination of ones choices, you get to really see the mind set and psyche of the persons personality. Despite what other people may think, the amount of collectors i get to work with make me think exactly that! Collectors are all different. Many collectors i work with want to devour, hoard if you will. They are interested in any and all pieces that might resemble anything close to the item that they collect. Others, curate. For the past year i have had the pleasure of working with a collector by the name of E. His fascination and love for Vintage Sunglasses lead him to us to aid in curating a collection for him. Our first encounters were rather vague and vast. As time passed we learned exactly what we were seeking out for this gentleman. Countless hours were invested in putting together one of the finest vintage eyewear collections on the planet. What really caught my eye about this particular collator and curation endeavour was his constant search to devour knowledge of the historical past and cultural relevance of the frames. We have been talking about using his collection in a spotlighted manner for people to use as a guideline of sorts on how to appreciate fine vintage sunglasses for some time now, and finally, it has come to fruition.The following is a small teaser of what you are about to see over the very extensive and in depth coverage of in my opinion the finest vintage eyewear collection to date. The images you will be seeing over the next weeks are pretty heavy! Enjoy!