From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: MCM Everything

History as you well know is a subject i take very seriously. History mixed with my actual roots, it's something i take even more seriously. For example, when i was a kid, you could not pay me enough to wear Polo. Put a Teddy Bear sweater on me? NO FUCKING WAY! My family was in the production business and would travel all over the world for sample production. Whenever they would come back there was for sure going to be a huge suitcase full of gear. The one thing i was always into was MCM. My grandparents would trade around the world with these luxury bags. I remember them being beat as hell when they would arrive home. No matter, they still rocked them! When i was in high school i would sometimes take the bags with me for my books. Kids would try to stunt on me that it was bootleg LV. Today, those are the same kids trying to holler at me for MCM gear. The point of this isn't to tell you about the luxury of travelling with MCM, it is to point out to be true to your roots. History is everything!

Hold it the fuck down,
Dr. Shapiro
Vintage Frames Company