A$AP ROCKY In Montreal With The Vintage Frames Company

ASAP ROCKY and the crew engaged on their first Canadian tour this past week. With tickets selling out like crack A$AP ROCKY and the crew hit the mean streets of Canada in a big way. As you are all aware of we meet many artists all around the world. You can usually see by the interactions we hold with them what type of people they are! The A$AP crew were a real cool bunch of dudes. Nothing diva, nothing mean spirited, just a bunch of talented people who were happy to be expanding their reach. I flew back from Toronto on Sunday to come meet up with the guys. Upon arrival in Montreal i packed my new MCM glasses cases and headed over to see the crew. In all honesty, for the firs time in my life i was shocked about the selection that an artist made. As well researched as we were, we were off on the brands we curated. Even though we did have an exceptional selection, A$AP was all about the Vintage Jean Paul Gaulthier Sunglasses and the Vintage Versace Sunglasses. However, when A$AP ROCKY and the crew  saw the Vintage Chanel and Givenchy chains we have brought by mistake they lost their minds. It turns out THAT was their thing in a big way. Peep some of the pictures Charles took of our meetings, backstage and the concert! Video will be dropping soon!