Drx Romanelli Customs Curated By The Vintage Frames Company

Drx Romanelli Customs Curated By The Vintage Frames Company


One of the services at The Vintage Frames Company is styling. We work alongside an elite clientele to provide shopping services as well as branded looks. For many years, i have worked with Dr. Romanelli of the DRX Brand. Recently we have started a program for a very special client of mine where we have been reworking only the most luxurious brands on the planet. Check out a sneak peak of the Vintage Gucci Jacket program we started. We will be adding more and more pics as the other garments are completed!

Check out just some of the Custom DRX Jackets for our clients below:

I recently made a batch of custom DRx reworked Gucci pieces for one of  Corey Shapiro’s premier clients via Vintage Frames. Its not everyday I’m shipped a box of luxury garments and asked to doctor em up. Stay tuned for more custom looks we have in the pipe.

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