Vintage Cazal 623 Sunglasses

After the huge success of the Cazal 607, Cari Zalloni strived to create a follow up frame as a worthy successor. With the 623 he did this and triumphed. Zalloni used the same 10mm strong acetate material that was used in the 607 but applied stylistic updates to give the new 623 a look and feel of it's own. The intricate facet cuts that were such a feature of the 607 remained an important element of the updated 623 while the temple hinge also dominated, featuring the Cazal hallmark in beautiful detailing with the obligatory matte or shiny gold. The Cazal 623 model started on it's own success story.
Along with the 616 and 607 frames, the Cazal 623 is the most sought after of the vintage Cazal glasses. A lot of this is because of the cutting edge design displayed by all but another major reason is the huge presence that these frames had in 1980's hip hop culture. The Cazal 623 model was rocked, most iconically, by The Fat Boys. Buffy's model was the deluxe diamond edition, studded with stones but the look of them will always carry the legend of where they began on the streets of New York.