From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: The Art Of Styling

Everyone wants to be a stylist. It seems to of become almost the default fashion industry instinct these days. I work with many stylists. Some by choice, and some i am forced to. Styling is an art. I wouldn't call my game styling, i am more of an educated fashion historian. I don't really care where garments are at, i care what path they took to get there. The Vintage Frames Company staff along with myself do styling for many artists and personal shopping for a few as well. I constantly make sure my clients are beyond dressed to impressed. It is with a mix materials as well as a large push from out fashion archive that we stand above the rest.

To produce a proper look we kick it old school, making a fashion story board for all our clients. This allows us to keep constant track of a wardrobe. Constant fittings and pictures of setting and surroundings of their peers are recorder to insure that our decisions are according to the lifestyle of the client. Believe it or not I am a fashion history major. I chose the subject out of passion for growth, and the preservation of creativity. My team of maniacs each specialize in a certain aspect of the game, combined we are the power rangers of styling… lol to inquire about our styling services you can always hit us up. We would be more then happy to examine the possibility of developing a new fashion core with you!

Hold It The Fuck Down, 
Dr. Shapiro
The Vintage Frames Company