From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: Real Ass Dudes Wear Mukluks

I get about 20 calls a week offering me products on the arm to rock in the streets and talk about. As much as i appreciate the generous offers, i never take anything i am offered that i feel will go to waist. I got called by a good friend of mine about what seemed to be a rather obscure product that immediately caught my attention. Fur Manitobah Mukluks? Sheeeet! I fuck with that. Real dudes wear Mukluks. Or at least they do in my world that i have created for myself and surrounding maniacs! Manitobah is Native owned and operated it's a real CDN company making actual heritage product. The products are made in Canada, which obviously has a certain sentimental value to me. Not much, but some! The Name of them is Mid Classic Mukluk they have a Vibram sole(so they will last in the city on the concrete).Vibram developed that specific sole for them. I took these bad boys out for a roll today and broke necks! It ain't every day you see a due with large chains, an MCM case, and some fly as mukluks. As per the answer to the usual Canadiana question, NO i do no live in an igloo, BUT i dress like i do!
Hold It The Fuck Down,
Dr. Shapiro
The Vintage Frames Company