From The Desk of Dr. Shapiro: Street Luxury

Appearance is a funny topic. Not sure that it means the same thing to everyone. I bring it up because i can't tell you how many times people judge this book by it's cover. To go even deeper then that, they are not seeing the cover properly. When i walk into any meeting no matter if it's at a bank or with a client my attire is the same. Fancy restaurant, or a fast food restaurant, i dress in the same manner. I went to dinner with yet another old school fashion type of dude in Montreal who seemed almost offended by my appearance. He kept on making reference to the offensive nature of my jeans and the overwhelming status of my chain. After goofing around with me for an hour or so, i had enough and decided to take centre stage. I explained to the cocky business man that my jeans weren't dirty, they were Balmain. My chain wasn't offensive it was runway Chanel. The pen i wear in my hat is Mont Blanc, and since he thought it all to be too "engaging for him", that Mont Blanc pen resting on the from of my hat was not going to ink our deal. Respect is a gigantic issue in this world. It doesn't matter whether a person comes in a suit, or Timbs. It may just be that the persons attire is as prestigious amongst his culture as a suit and tie would be. I will not name the person who flopped a gigantic opportunity for his corporation by underestimating and insulting the person in the Timbs and Balmains, but i can assure you our meeting ended up with these results: STREET LUXURY - 1, BUSINESS CASUAL - 0.

Hold it the fuck down,
Dr. Shapiro
The Vintage Frames Company