From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: Young Squire a.k.a Charles William Pelletier Photography

You may be wondering who takes all of the incredible video and photographs of The Vintage Frames Company events and appointments. His name is Charles William Pelletier, or as i like to call him Young Squire. We met Squire when he contacted me to tell me he had wicked pictures of me sitting court side at a New York Knicks exhibition game in Montreal, but really, it was my boy P-Thugg. Squire is the young gun photographer of our generation. I don't give a fuck who you are, his un-matched skills and quality of photo is hard to compete with. Many times he has outshot veteran photography snobs making them re-think their craft! Squire also dubs as my bag boy, lol. You will often see his lanky ass following us around the mean streets with 30 bags in hand and a minimum of 2 huge cameras. Keep an eye on Squire, he's coming at the photography industry hard bodied! Check out his website HERE!

Hold it the fuck down,
Dr. Shapiro
The Vintage Frames Company