Tyga - Rack City Video Rocking Vintage Cartier Diabolo Sunglasses

We fux with Tyga and his camp. I think the music he is doing is rather refreshing in a music industry full of copy cat tunes. We have been getting tones of calls about the Vintage Sunglasses that Tyga is wearing in the Rack City music video. The obvious ones are the Vintage Versace Sunglasses that Biggie has made famous. BUT, the real dope Vintage Sunglasses that he is rocking is the Vintage Cartier Diabolo Sunglasses. They are a super rare frame that is seen in some of the scenes. The quick nature of the music video makes it pretty hard to get a clear view of them. We stock lots of Vintage Cartier Sunglasses at The Vintage Frames Company, however most of them are not on the webpage! If you wish to contact us about the Vintage Cartier Sunglasses we have in the vault just hit us up! Can't leave all your cards on the table, right? lol