From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: Travelling With A Barber

All of us have different upbringing, which i very much respect. All of us have different hopes and dreams. Some people i grew up with loved cars. Some people i grew up with strive to own mansions, and vacation all around the world. What did i strive for you may ask? Simple. To travel with my own barber! You may be asking yourself if i'm insane, or you might already know the answer. In the future, all gentleman travel with their own barbers. The future is exactly where i found this dude, Jeffzilla 3000. Our daily entourage consists of assistants, security, and a barber! I'm bald, semi by choice, and need to still have cuts 2 three times a week. Incorporated into our team of MANIACS is Jeffzilla 3000. The illest cutting skills on the planet. He rolls with us usually on our adventures adding to our one of a kind unit. He is like the a skilled magnet. Everywhere he goes all kinds of girls follow. Miami is where he calls home. Big things in the woks with Jeffzilla 3000. A very interesting collaboration will be coming to fruition in early 2012! Stay tuned!
Hold it the fuck down, 
Dr. Shapiro
The Vintage Frames Company