Raekwon's Gangsta Cazals Song on new Mixtape

Raekwon is a friend of mine. Always cool to hang with the icons you spent most of your childhood being influenced by! Haven't seen Rae in a couple of months, but when we were last together all he wanted to talk about was his Cazals. One of you guys heard i was going to meet up with him that day and sent me a picture of Raekwon in middle school rocking Cazal 607/2 Eyeglasses. Clear colour on a proud ass dude, Raekwon has always been about the cuban links and the Cazals. Although he doesn't mention the Cazal brand that much in his GANGSTA CAZAL song off of his brand new mix tape, it is always cool to see the dedication to the brand present. Go to Datpiff.com and get Raekwon's new mix tape. Shit is dope as hell!