Smashing All Toys: Regarding Shapiro

Famed photographer, author, and all around truck stop eatery connoisseur Paul 107
did a mini expose on me. You may have noticed his flicks of me in The Source
magazine as well as many other magazines. Peep his article after the jump!
I shot Corey Shapiro this past September in and around his office. The photo’s were
for Snap Magazine. They were doing a feature on Corey and they asked me to shoot
him. Ben Pobjoy interviewed Corey. Ben did a great job, his questions were in depth.
I really appreciate researched interviews. I bet Corey does too. So the photographs
Snap didn’t use ended up in XXL’s Power 30 issue. XXL and The Source also wrote
about Corey this Fall. Corey started out digging for and selling vintage frames.
That was six or seven years ago. Now he has a web store, a thriving wholesale
business, he designs eye wear collections, and on the side he sells frames to
celebrities. Sometimes he even styles them. Not too shabby. Momentum. Mountains out
of molehills. Nothing into something. Snowflakes to snowballs. Avalanche warnings.
Recco transponders on the sleeve.