Vintage Cébé Eyewear X Vintage Frames Shop

Vintage Cébé Eyewear X Vintage Frames Shop


Cébé Vintage Sunglasses is a staple when it comes to outdoors eyewear. Cébé Eyewear is synonymous with excellence in French Glasses. The brand that is considered a leader in the manufacturing of sports and fashion eyewear first opened its doors in 1892 in Jura, France. The master behind the brand is Jean-Louis Crestin-Billet. It wasn’t until the mid 1940’s that the company decided to penetrate into winter sports which brought the brand to a whole new height. This resulted in the brand quickly becoming the leading ski goggle producer in France and one of the front runners in the European market. These sales of these French ski goggles peaked in the late seventies and early eighties, becoming most popular with individuals looking for an adrenaline rush. Specially designed for comfort and performance, Vintage Cébé Sunglasses are most popular amongst athletes all around the world for sports such as alpine skiing, kite-surfing, snowboarding, beach-volleyball, triathlons, in-line skating, climbing, trekking, and many more. These athletes have gotten to test Vintage Cébé Eyewear in even the harshest of conditions and prove the glasses’ extreme durability.


You can find people sporting Vintage Cébé Sunglasses on the slopes, on the race track, hiking in the Adirondacks. or  when practicing beach-volley on the sweltering beaches of Cabo San Lucas. Vintage Cebe Eyewear  is designed to make you look good while  putting your fitness first. Whether it be on your next excursion, or competition, you can count on Vintage Cébé to get you through it protecting your eyes with style. Vintage Cébé eyewear is for people with an active lifestyle. They go to the extreme but while staying protected.


In 2009 Cébé optics teamed up with Bushnell, a company for outdoor products, in order to expand its own line of eyewear. They created glasses with folding sideshields, and ultra comfortable ventilated nose pads allowing for good airflow to avoid any fogging of the lenses. Others also come with adjustable anti-slip nose pads and interchangeable lenses. Many others feature an elastic strap for security in action or with neck cord. Most of the Vintage Sunglasses are made very compact in order to be less bulky for storage. Their lenses allow your eyes to relax ( and let your body do the work while being active) . Lenses can come with light technology and internal anti-reflective coating. They also created a line for kids. With this collaboration they sponsored many athletes from all different sports. Together they also developed a very successful  line of helmets and goggles.

FYI: The company name Cébé is actually derived from the initials of Carl Benz (“CB”). Back in the day when sports cars still had no windshields and he had asked the brand to create some made-to-measure driving goggles for him and his dog (yes, his dog). Only after a specific request by the famous founder of Mercedes Benz and professional sports car driver did CB become Cébé.

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