Vintage Chanel Frames at The Vintage Frames Company

Chanel sunglasses are incomparable in luxury fashion eyewear. They produce eyewear that combines simplicity in its frame designs with elegance in the details. Most Chanel sunglasses embellish the double C, making them extremely recognizable. Chanel often makes use of the bold and dramatic angles and shapes. Wearing vintage Chanel is very distinct style and a reason why these frames are sought after to this day. Some sunglasses are even inspired by original Chanel products such as clothing and handbags. An example is the gold chain-strapped and quilted leather handbag released in February 1955 that prompted the Chanel 0026, which is adorned with a similar gold chain (worn by Amber Rose).  In 1988 Chanel released the “Leather” sunglass, which has the famous quilted leather on the arms of the frame and are another prime example.