From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: Welcome to 2012‏

For all of you are not familiar with our company let me take a quick moment to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Shapiro and contrary to popular belief, i am NOT a doctor. The nickname was bestowed on me a long time ago for a very different meaning them anything optical! For the past 6 years my team at Vintage Frames Company, or as i like to call them, "THE MANIACS" have been putting together the most diverse and in debt Vintage Sunglasses and Vintage Eyewear collections anywhere in the world! Beyond the obvious tasks as vintage purveyors, we strive more importantly to educate a culture on the historical fashion relevance of eyewear throughout the years. With a lack of information about the history of the fashion aspect of eyewear i have made it my personal goal to create a comprehensive history for those who are truly interested in knowing the past. Every day we make leaps and bounds in the sector, never forgetting the path in which it took as to get here! In the recent years we have been heavily noted for being the go to eyewear company for the world's most well know artists and celebs. Having had the pleasure to work with many of today's most popular artists! As we turned a new page into 2012, i wanted to give you guys some insight on what you can expect from us this year! Many new collaborations, as well as a very important announcement in the months soon to come about us merging with one of your favourite all time eyewear brands to add a special Vintage Frames Company finesse to it's old heritage! I want to personally thank you for taking this journey with myself and the Vintage Frames Company family over the past couple of years. 2012 will be immense for all of us! I promise to continue with our insane antics and bringing you nothing but the highest quality Vintage Sunglasses this planet has to offer!

Hold it the fuck down!
Dr. Shapiro
The Vintage Frames Company