Alpina M1's at The Vintage Frames Company

In the 1980’s Alpina released a handmade frame that would prove to last the test of time designed by Werner Grau and Hagen Stockklausner. The modern looking frame is crafted with decorative rivets along the rim and bridge. The intention for the design was to combine sports and fashion into one everyday frame. Popularity for the frame began once the sunglass was worn on the television series “Miami Vice” and has since been worn by many celebrities including Stevie Wonder, Victoria Beckham and Cee Lo Green. Ripping through the streets of Monaco in a Ferrari, Jay-Z rocks a pair of black Alpina M1’s with gold rivets in his music video for “Show Me What You Got”.  The Alpina M1 sunglass is a symbol of style and class and today is one of the most sought after vintage frames. To see our selection head over to The Vintage Frames Shop!