Vintage Frames Shop x Ultra Goliath 2 "Snowdon Deli"

Vintage Frames Shop x Ultra Goliath 2 "Snowdon Deli"


Straight from the hands of Frame Dr. Shapiro, the highly sought after exclusive Ultra Goliath II “Snowdon Deli Clear” Edition straight from the Dr. Shapiro line have been prepped for your enjoyment. With only 50 pairs on the planet the time is now or never to get your hands on a pair of the only glasses that reflect pure Montreal Culture. You can get your lenses customized by our eyewear experts! Nothing says Happy Holidays like a pair of these bad boys. You’re glasses will be as legendary as the smoked meat for which the deli is famous for.

Seen below is also just a taste of the custom tint lenses we can do for you on any frame!

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