Wiz Khalifa's Vintage Cartier Eyewear Game

Wiz Khalifa
as many of you already know is fam. Plain and simple. Since day one, u have had nothing but respect and the urge to help Wiz out with whatever he needs! Before we talk about Wiz's style game in general, let me address his Vintage Sunglasses game. Wiz has a very interesting open minded attitude about him. Despite having one of the most talented and hard working stylists in the game by his side, Wiz knows what's really good! For the past couple of years The Vintage Frames Company has been curating a sick collection of Vintage Sunglasses for Wiz. His collection is super diverse. Most recently, Wiz and I met up in Toronto for tour and Got him wearing a very rare pair of Vintage Cartier Eyeglasses. Cartier is just about as high class as you can go in any society. Their eyewear was hand made with extra care using only top of the line materials for construction. Peep Wiz Khalifa sporting his new Vintage Cartier Frames on stage in Toronto. We keeps it 2000% and always 100000000% Taylored! TGOD