F As In Frank Toronto x Vintage Frames Company

F As In Frank Toronto x Vintage Frames Company


Yes, we are a little late on this post, i know! So many exciting things have been going on at Vintage Frames Company. One of the most exciting is the opening of the new F As In Frank Vintage store in Toronto. If you could step back and image for a second, walking into F As In Frank is like stepping through a time warp. Each section depicts a different moment of fashion history. More snap backs then you have ever seen mixed in with the most historical vintage fashion of all price points is what makes F As In Frank what it is! The new Queen street location is gigantic and right in the heart of downtown Toronto! F As In Frank also has the largest stockist for Vintage Frames Company in Canada! All prices and styles add to F As In Frank's unique shopping experience. Stop by and ask for "Landlord", give him a hug and he will gee you a discount! :)

VIDEO LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4gO6-02qMo&feature=player_embedded







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