Must have SNAKE SKIN

[imagebrowser id=4]The use of python skin in the fashion industry is something seen a lot this season. All the big brands such as Mulberry, Jimmy Choo, Roberto Cavalli and many more use snakeskin as the new “must have” for the current collection and a lot of celebrities were spotted with either a snakeskin purse or shoes, its everywhere!

While it is beautiful, rich and earthy, snakeskin is also sexy and classic at the same time; that’s the beauty of it.

What do we think is the best way of all to wear snakeskin? VINTAGE. Emmanuelle Khanh used a lot of snakeskin to create her sunglasses line in 1972. In fact, she used all kinds of skins; ostrich, shark, crocodile and lizard skin. This material is common in vintage wear. Last year, Linda Farrow did an amazing pair of sunglasses using snakeskin in black and look out for some surprises coming up from Vintage Frames Company using skins too! Be sure to have a pair of snakeskin shades ready for fall, it’s about to conquer the world!