Kesha & The Vintage Frames Company: Private Vintage Sunglasses Appointment

To watch Vintage Frames Company grow is like watching a child grow. From birth to where we are now has been great leaps and bounds. Every person we work with, famous or not is considered an addition to our ever growing family. A couple of weeks back we were called to go out and meet Kesha at a festival outside Montreal. The ever so talented Kesha was finally reay to change her sunglasses game! Amber Rose, Aaron Cohen, and myself went out to the festival to see her perform and properly fir her for new Vintage Sunglasses. Kesha is a cool check. Lots of energy and spunk! We took her through what i thought were the best fitting Vintage Frames for here. She ended up liking tones of Vintage Sunglasses! Check out the video of The Vintage Frames Company and Kesha below! For all the Vintage Sunglasses you see on Kesha, head on over to The Vintage Frames Shop!
[video: 600x400]