Shopping With Mac Miller

Besides for being the owner of The Vintage Frames Company, i am a what some may call a stylist. I personally prefer Fashion Historian due to my actual education in the subject. My specialty is time piece fashion, era fashion if you will! I get hired for many fashion history type projects where i usually open up our archives to add a little extra bump of exclusivity. For my friends, i always lend a hand. Mac Miller, my most dope little brother will always get my time and effort. One of the nicest dudes i know, i am constantly pulling products for Mac. Rarely will i open my vault. Even less frequently will Jesse from F As In Frank Vintage and i open both of our vaults together! Keep an eye on Mac Miller ladies and gents. On the real, I been digging some next level shit for my man! Chanel chain, deadstock Adidas tennis jump, and hooded t-shirt surf swag..... STOP IT!!!!!

Shouts to my Ottawa fam at Norml Clothing for holding us the FUCK DOWN! Brrrrrrrrrrrap Brrrrrrrrrrap