Lady Gaga's Vintage Chanel Chain Link Sunglasses From The Vintage Frames Company

Lady Gaga in my opinion has taken over as the one and only contender in terms of a highly designer curated Vintage Sunglasses collection. We have been working on Gaga's Sunglasses for some time now. Each appointment we have with Lady Gaga gets more and more in depth. The research that goes into putting together Lady Gaga's Vintage Sunglasses selection is rather lengthy. Not only are we selling her the Vintage Frames, we are also giving her a complete historical education on each of the Vintage Sunglasses. These Vintage Chanel Chain Link Sunglasses are one of my favorite frames of all time. Rather rare in both the short and long chain format, as far as i'm concerned, they are the illest sunglasses Chanel has ever produced! We do have both versions over at The Vintage Frames Shop. Pop on by and check them out! Gaga does!