Vintage Carrera Sunglasses. On Vintage Carrera Sunglasses, On Vintage Carrera Sunglasses

Let's talk about Carrera Sunglasses. Vintage Carrera Sunglasses are a staple in the Vintage Sunglasses industry. The original Vintage Carrera Sunglasses were made of top of the line experimental Optyl acetate. Colors chosen were experimental, lenses were high quality. The re-release of Carrera is a horrible tribute to the once great sunglasses brand. It is for that reason that The Vintage Frames Shop has decided to launch 15 new original Vintage Carrera Sunglasses from it's archive. You may recognize some of the models, but if you look closely chances are you have never seen the materials used for them! Head over to The Vintage Frames Shop, you don't want to miss this one!