Selima Salaun: The God Mother Of Vintage

Selima Salaun: The God Mother Of Vintage

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Years ago when i first started selling Vintage Sunglasses the only name you heard was Selima! Selima this, Selima that! I went about a year in the industry before even having the pleasure of meeting her. After one in encounter, i would give her the honor and title of the queen of vintage. But as time went on, her label had to change to THE GOD MOTHER OF VINTAGE. As we became friends, i learned that Selima had many different parts of the vintage industry on lock. One of them being her hats. As you know, i have never been seen without a hat. My love for head wear is as deep as it is for eyewear! Selima's hat line was just as great as her sunglasses label. Over the top, clearly thought out vintage styles which were as breathtaking on and off a person! I know I am late on this video, but it is worth the watch. It also has nothing to do with Vintage Sunglasses, but Selima and any type of vintage are one in the same!

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