Ultra Goliath 2 x Snowdon Deli Edition Vintage Frames Company Launch

This past week we decided to throw a small celebration for the recent success and launch of our Ultra Goliath 2 Snowdon Deli Edition! A small intimate affair turned into a real wild as banger, REAL QUICK! Our homies Dirt Nasty, Andre Legacy, And Killa Cam flew down for the shindig! It was the first time anyone was allowed into our secret headquarters! People were blown away! More pics of The Vintage Frames Company x Ultra Goliath Snowdon Deli Launch after the jump. Trust me, Check them out!

Andre Legacy

Ben Belsky (Mayfourteenth)


Corey Shapiro & Shady Brady

Dirt Nasty

Jason Rouah

Nalima Toure & Jenn Finkelstein

Killa Cam

Steven Turpin

Shagun Walker

Roberto Cohen

Notorious Nou