Questlove x Vintage Frames Shop Ultra Goliath 2 "Snowdon Deli" Edition Sunglasses

Questlove x Vintage Frames Shop Ultra Goliath 2

There are a couple of people that i really like working with. It's always fun working with pioneers in different industries. I consider Questlove to be one of the pioneers, or historians of the Hip-Hop industry if you will. When Questlove first came to my old office in Montreal he was blown away. With the recent opening of The Vintage Frames Company Office in Montreal Questlove was amongst one of the first to peep my vision of what a Vintage Sunglasses archive should look like! Questo was blown away! A true Vintage Frames fan, my man went in, HEAVY! Instantly, Questlove gravitated to our Vintage Frames Shop x Ultra Goliath 2 "Snowdon Deli" Edition Sunglasses. Limited to 50 pairs, Questlove is amongst the lucky few to own a piece of Vintage Eyewear history! Head on over to the Vintage Frames Shop to check out our extensive Vintage Ultra Goliath 2 Sunglasses selection! Keep a look out for a custom pair of Ultra Goliath 2's that we did for Questlove as well!