SAYITAINTTONE FT. BIG SEAN – MY CLOSET Featuring Vintage Frames Company x Revive

[video: 600x400]

I'm going to be honest, i have never been to Revive in Michigan. The team at Revive Michigan captured my attention a couple of months ago when i was contacted to throw down for the store. From the get go, out dealings were beyond point. The owner was interested in only the best, i even might go as far as saying he wanted beyond the best! If there was a high end curated boutique that would even think about opening near these guys they might as well light their money on fire! Revive and there team of taste makers are here to reign! Sayitaintone and Big Sean rolled through Revive to film their new My Closet video. Tones of dope Vintage Frames Features! Peep the stills of Big Sean in Vintage Frames Company as well as Sayitaintone after the jump!

Big Sean In Vintage Cartier Santos Sunglasses

Big Sean In Vintage Versace Shield Sunglasses