Questlove x Vintage Frames Company Video

Questlove is one of the most respected Hip-Hop heads in the world. As a matter of fact, i consider The Roots and Questlove to be REAL Hip-Hop. Collaborating with numerous artists around the world, many album releases, and a daily gig with Jimmy Falon, they are the heavyweight champions of the music industry. Questlove is one of my favorite people to work with in the world! His passion and knowledge for anything he does oozes from his pores! Over the past couple of years Questlove has moved on from his famous record collection obsession to his new found hobby of Vintage Frames! I love to see Questlove's reaction to our presentation as we drop Hip-Hop's most iconic frames! Peep the video of our most recent appointment with Questlove in Vermont! Video directed and shot by Vintage Frames Company's very own Young Squire of SpiffTv Canada!

[video: 600x400]