Jada Styles: Catch Up With Corey Shapiro Interview

Jada Styles: Catch Up With Corey Shapiro Interview

Straight from Europe, Corey Shapiro of The Vintage Frames Company caught up with Jada Styles to bring to you this dope interview. Check it after the jump!



Friday, March 18, 2011

Catch up with COREY SHAPIRO

Wondering who is Corey Shapiro?
He is the mind behind the 'Vintage Frames Company' Inspired by his Grandfather at a young age he liked to admire the Frames he brought back from his travels. Corey believed "The bigger the frames, The bigger your status" (We like that statement).
Read on for a HIGHLY DETAILED Interview and images of WHO he has worked with...

1. What got you interested in working with eyewear?
CS: As males started becoming more and more into fashion, and sneaker culture was getting very saturated by all ages, there were many people seeking the next thing to sink their energy into collecting. I thought vintage sunglasses would be the next thing to hit. Besides that, I had been around old dudes my whole life who always wore huge vintage frames and thought it would be kinda funny to try and step into that!

2. What is it about ‘vintage frames’ that keeps you interested and looking for more?
CS: Just when you think you have seen everything from one line, you find a missing piece, or colour that you didn't think existed. As well, I am a fashion history buff and I think there are very few people who care about the fashion history aspect of the eyewear business. I am trying to document this all along the way to give the upcoming generations an insight on what the past entailed.

3. When did you have your first major client and who was it?
CS: It was actually a kinda sketchy dude. He had LOTS of extra income and wanted to stand out in a crowd. I met him about 6 years ago and he made me his personal eyewear consultant. It was from that I realized that there was a whole community of people who wanted to be shopped for! He would give me a monthly budget and I would find vintage frames that made sense! So contrary to popular belief, it wasn't an artist!
4. Since then who have you worked with?
CS: Artists, actors, princes, socialites, collectors..
We have worked with just about every walk of life. Although out adventures with artists and celebs are what most people talk about, we cater to a HUGE variety of clients. Recently, we even opened up a web shop 
www.vintageframesshop.com which allows everyone to access a certain selection of our vintage frames!

Corey with the instantly recognisable Lady Gaga


5. Is the Vintage frames market a very competitive one?
CS: Any market is competitive. There are always dudes trying to copy what we do. The other week we called out some dude in Montreal trying to front on starting a vintage frames gig. The bottom line is that what makes us who we are is out passion and drive. Everyone that works with us loves what they do. We are all fashion history majors so we take a different approach to things than most people. The only one we try to compete with is OURSELVES! We constantly try to evolve our collection and business practices. From my point of view, every copy cat that comes out of the woods only makes our company look better! Y'all know who you are!!! haha

6. How do you manage to stay at the top of your game?
CS: We constantly acquire new vintage eyewear. Our stock is gigantic, and curated at the same time. We work alongside with today's hottest artists to push certain looks and brands that we believe in. On another side of things, i am not an optician, nor did i grow up in the eyewear business or have family in this. My dad didn't hand me money, stock, or anything to do with my company like most of these dudes coming into the game recently. The reason people like us, is because of our realness. We never treat anyone different than we want to be treated, and our service is out of this world!
7. A very important question, are vintage frames for everyone? Or do you have to have a certain look in order to pull off a vintage frames look?
CS: Vintage Frames is a category of eyewear. It describes past eras. The interesting thing about our company is that we carry over 2000 brands. Will every frame fit someone’s face? NO. However, the chances are, we have something for everyone. If you didn't tell someone that the frames were vintage they might think they are current due to all the new lines copying the old styles. We can fit any age, sex, or face! In our gigantic stock, I am beyond confident that we have a frame for everyone!

Corey and the Beautiful Amber Rose known for her love of Sunglasses

8. We heard you've been working on a TV show with Amber Rose... Can you tell us about that?
CS: I can't really say much other than some filming has already started, it is called ‘Behind Her Shades’, and that Amber Rose is one of the nicest people in the whole world!

9. Some frames run up into the thousands of dollars region, what makes them worth the purchase?
Exclusivity, materials, brands, and even who has worn them. Some frames are made with gold and diamonds, some frames were only samples that might have had less than 10 frames actually produced, and some frames are derived based on celebrity hype!

Corey with the Super-Cool Pharrell Williams

10. What does it mean to you to have stamped yourself as successful from working with something most people pay little attention to?
CS: Good questions!!! It's nice not to answer the same things I always do! Haha. I am very proud of what I have accomplished as it brings joy to other people as well. At the end of the day, my greatest pleasure is being able to look at someone, tell them what I do, and be very proud of it. To get up in the morning and want to go to work is a blessing!

11. Any general advice to people reading this who are interested in buying a pair of vintage frames?
CS: Sure, never buy a frame based on the way it will fit. Always buy frames based on your attitude! Have fun with it!


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