Lady Gaga Vintage Sunglasses Appointment With The Vintage Frames Company

Lady Gaga has been featured on our site many times. It's a full time job keeping up with her Vintage Sunglasses. As far as fashion and Vintage Sunglasses collecting goes, Lady Gaga is miles ahead. Possibly more iconic then any artist the last 20 years, Lady Gaga's reign and army of little monsters aren't going anywhere! I finally got a chance to sit down with Lady Gaga for a one on one Vintage Sunglasses Appointment in Ottawa this past weekend. Right off the bat, you could see that Gaga was more knowledgeable and passionate about Vintage Sunglasses then anyone i had ever met. Her sunglasses history was on point, and her selection she made was even sharper. Rarely do i get the chance to honestly say that i am a huge fan of whoever I am working with. Even rarer that i can say I was nervous for an appointment. This may be the first time i felt both! Lady Gaga got some of the coolest Vintage Frames ever! We even made her a special edition Vintage Frames Shop x Ultra Goliath 2 "Dr. Shapiro Collection" Sunglasses with a custom "Tiger Blood" set of lenses! Many more things to come with Lady Gaga! Can't wait to see her on the street rocking our Vintage Frames. Below is a video to show you all what goes into a Private Vintage Sunglasses Appointment! Check it out!!!!

[video: 600x400]