Vintage Frames Company Community Project: Hollywood Holt

Vintage Frames Company Community Project: Hollywood Holt

Name: Hollywood Holt
Age: 28
Job: Famous rapper
Who Are You:
i'm a famous rapper from chicago lol who has been collecting glasses for 12 years
What is your most prized pair of Vintage Frames and why:
They were my cazal 856's till some stupid bitch stole them when i was in miami it took me years to find them because they were harder to find then there more popular brother pair the 858's and i like the straightness of them they were perfect for me and i met cory and he sold them to me while i was in tour in montreal i was the happiest person alive until my unfortunate incident and i shall get them again one day but those are my favorite.

What is your earliest memory of a pair of frames that stuck in your head until today:
When i was 12 years old i saw a guy who was a known drug dealer in my area wearing a pair of Cazal 951's and i thought they were the freshest thing i have ever seen i have 2 pairs now.
If you could stumble upon 1 pair of Vintage Frames, what would it be:
Cazal 856's for sure. They're the perfect frames

About how many Vintage Frames do you have in your collection:
i'd say about 20 exclusive ones.

Why do you choose Vintage Frames instead of new eyewear:
Because new shit is wack they make the frames to small or to big they also round out everything nothing new has corners i hate that there are so many amazing old frames i could never get tired of them.