Vintage Frames Company Community Project: Sarah Benlolo

Vintage Frames Company Community Project: Sarah Benlolo

Sarah Benlolo
Age: 21
Job: Student
Who Are You:
A 21 year-old female born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. Now, I am living and going to school at King's college in Halifax, Nova Scotia where I am studying contemporary philosophy.  Tea enthusiast.

What is your most prized pair of Vintage Frames and why:

My vintage Polo frames from the 80s.  I love these frames because whenever I wear them I feel as though something important is being said about my personal aesthetic.  I would have to say that my absolute favorite thing about my frames is the fact that they are one of a kind.
What is your earliest memory of a pair of frames that stuck in your head until today:
My earliest and most important memory pertaining to frames is when I got my very first pair in grade 5.  I remember being very excited that my vision was bad enough for me to get a pair of glasses - kind of how when you're young you think braces are cool because older kids had them (except glasses actually are cool).  I remember choosing a pair of thick black plastic frames, with purple acetate on the inside, just so that when I was wearing them, only a hint of purple showed.  I though these glasses were the shit.  I remember sitting in my classroom on the first day I wore them in school and this kid in my class came right up to me and told me he liked my glasses.  My 11 year old self had never felt so cool.  Being complimented on your style, and especially a pair of frames that you chose knowing that you have to wear them every day, is so important because style is molded from nothing. You can choose to not expend the energy and simply dress as everyone else does, but then nobody will ever take the time to compliment you.
If you could stumble upon 1 pair of Vintage Frames, what would it be:

About how many Vintage Frames do you have in your collection:
I only have one pair of vintage frames in my collection.
Why do you choose Vintage Frames instead of new eyewear:
The main reason why I chose vintage is because when it comes to something as central to one's look as glasses, It's important that they reflect your personal style.  When you see the girl beside you in class wearing the same pair of plain old Chanel frames with a gaudy flower on the arm that you both bought at Lenscrafters, you just feel unoriginal.  If you are a person who has any regard for your personal style then 'unoriginal' is probably the last adjective you would want to use to describe yourself.